Phillip J Gardner

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Someone To Crawl Back To

Someone To Crawl Back To

"Gardner's book is funny and intelligent and all too true. It's about people who have lost what they love, or thought they loved, and don't know how to get it back, or if they want it back." -- Deno Trakas, The State

Table of Contents


Chain of Fools

Inhabited Space

What You Really Mean Is

This Is Not A Love Story





Gatsby's Last Dive



What the Arraignment Meant
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Bird Blinding

Someone To Crawl Back To

You Can’t Tell Me You Love Me Enough


Dance Party

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Somebody Wants Somebody Dead

Somebody Wants Somebody Dead

"Phillip Gardner’s collection of stories Somebody Wants Somebody Dead pretty much corners the market when it comes to people living on the wrong side of the law—which is usually the right side of the law in these locales—and taking matters into their own hands. Throw in a garbage collecting voyeur, an obese drowning victim, a Bicycle Man, and a whole knot of ne’er-do-wells and these fantastic stories will make you think, “My life’s bad, but it ain’t this bad,” which is to say that Gardner’s hit the mark in the tragi-comedy venue." -- George Singleton, author of The Half-Mammals of Dixie

Table of Contents

The Looking Game

When The Police Arrived

To Be So Dead He Sure Is Big

Collective Unconscious

What I'm Trying To Say Is

Which Way You Going
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Twelve Tips for Writing an Unpublishable Story

Somebody Wants Somebody Dead

Neighborhood Watch

Stevie Baker's Secret Sauce

Don Juan's Wanton Love

Speck-no's Beach

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Available Light

Available Light Book Cover

"This new collection leaves no doubt that Phillip Gardner is in the first tier of the South’s finest short story writers. His empathetic imagination, vivid language, and understanding of what makes a memorable story are of the first order. His voice is utterly his own. Available Light takes the reader beyond the realm of pain and pleasure and into the sublime."
—Ron Rash, author of Serena

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The Future Never Lasts

The Future Never Lasts

"The Future Never Lasts is more than a collection of beautifully written stories; it's a finger on the pulse of our individual and collective secrets, and Phillip Gardner has masterfully tabulated the cost of hiding them or trying to share them. Some, like the protagonists in "It's Usually This Dark By Now" and "A Crime of Opportunity," can't afford the price tag on those secrets. Others, like the history-haunted veteran in "This Time Comes From That Time" or the teenage narrator in "Mountain," swallow them whole. A few, like the husband and wife in "Augmented Finality" and the three couples in "Ten Things You Don't Know About Me," make uneasy peace with those secrets. Something, though, that's never a secret: open any page of The Future Never Lasts and you will find yourself in the presence of an immensely talented writer."
--Lynn Kostoff, author of Words to Die For and A Choice of Nightmares

Table of Contents

It's Usually This Dark by Now

This Time Comes From That Time

The Future Never Lasts

A Crime of Opportunity

The Girl and the Bird

Augmented Finality


Impersonal You

Way Lost

Happy Hour

Ten Things You Don't Know About Me

Film Adaptation

Link to Jeff Driggers' short film adaptation of "Happy Hour"

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