Who are The Gardners of Soule?

Phillip Holding Guitar with Arms SpreadAt one point, Michael, Kenny and I talked about a Gardners of Soule record cover. Picture this: You are in the ocean facing a long pier that juts out over the water. Built upon the pier is an old, weathered clapboard inn. Like a bomber squadron flying straight at you, dead on between the tall columns of timbers, nearly skimming the water below, are enormous flying ants. Only they don't have the faces of ants. The faces are familiar ones-Aunt Bea, Aunt Jemima, Auntie Emm.

The record title would be Under the Inn Flew Aunts. And the record would be our tribute to artists we admired. Whereas most bands find it necessary to disguise their influences in order to make a niche for themselves, we just wanted to have fun and be songwriters. To show overt appreciation to The Beatles, Elvis Costello, Luther Vandross, Prince, The Eagles, ZZ Top, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and others. If you listen carefully, I think you'll hear their work in ours. Then again, I think you'll also hear inventive even experimental songs like you have never heard.  But in every case, you will hear guys having fun as songwriters, singing like it matters, and playing with passion and virtuosity that is as authentic as anything you have heard, musicians embracing rather than resisting leaps in musical genres, and unmoved by "market forces."

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