Montezuma's Revenge

a screwball comedy

Porky's goes Back to the Future.

When the escalating feud between Montezuma High and Sinclair High results in the cancellation of Montezuma's prom, the Montezuma faithful become hellbent on revenge. Those of the faith include Willard, the techno-genius nerdy virgin; his best friend, star athlete and Mr. High School everything, Ken Clark; and Ken's matching other half, cheerleading Barbie. Supporting the trio are Patty, who is desperately sex starved; her boyfriend, Rod, who refuses to give it up before marriage; Frankie, a drunken degenerate with style; his with-it girlfriend, Margie; Julie, the affable bright young woman who never refuses a dare; and Hoover, the overweight clumsy one. And Mr. Tennis Shoes, the mystery masturbator.

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Necessary Evils

a cop story

With a story operating on numerous levels, this fast-paced yet intricately structured film has the density of Chinatown: the longing for revenge by a good cop on the brink of being sucked into the evil he's paid to fight...the Machiavellian politics of power and money wielded by a philanthropic drug lord...the world of drugs given a new and macabre but plausible twist...and, somehow, a romance between two people who both fascinate and move us - whose story is unique yet believable. Necessary Evils also has the murky, noir atmosphere of corruption, the darkly colorful minor characters, of L.A. Confidential.

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You've Lost That Loving Feeling

a psychological thriller

YOU'VE LOST THAT LOVING FEELING is a political/crime thriller set in contemporary Charleston, SC. A mythic and suspenseful tale about the aftermath of a catastrophic hurricane, the Dixie Mafia, crooked cops and a black widow's revenge. Did I mention identical twins who can read each other's minds? A post-Katrina SIXTH SENSE, somewhere between Scorsese (as in THE DEPARTED) and David Lynch.

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a romantic comedy

JACK NEWMAN is a badass with a big heart, the reigning king of a South Carolina minimum security prison.  ELAINE FOSTER is a post-punk "girls-just-want-to-have fun" bombshell with an interest in particle physics and quantum mechanics. Oh, and she can see the human aura. When Jack finds Elaine bound and gagged in the trunk of a car he steals after his escape, they're on the run together, Jack from the law, Elaine from the mob. Jack MUST get to Miami and his kids, and Elaine MUST get to New York and the only man who can save her life. The result is a romping and romantic road picture.

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Buzz is a fish out of water comedy. Desperate to save the family farm, Allie, the sexually repressed daughter of a small town minister, takes a marketing job at a sex toy company.

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